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Dried Mulberry is a super fruit. Because it is a delicious and very healthy snack. They are rich in vitamin C, iron, calcium, fiber, protein. Compared to dried figs, their natural sweetness and deliciously chewy texture make them great as a snack but also as a substitute for raisins in many recipes.

This fruit is grown mostly in Elazıg-Malatya region of Turkey.

Harvesting season for fresh mulberries is July-August.

After harvesting of freshly ripened Turkish mulberries, they are dried under hot Anatolian sun, without any preservatives or additives. Dried white mulberries are slowly sun dried for optimal flavour and aroma.

This product is clearly raw, even if you buy it as conventional or organic certified.

After totally drying, dried mulberries are transported to our factory for fumigation, further cleaning, selecting and packing.

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